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Swallowtail Place

Swallowtail Place is a 58-apartment independent living scheme situated on Bridewell Lane in Acle.

Pro-Tech Solutions completed the installation of the fire alarm system, disabled refuge system and accessible toilet alarms as well as interfacing with the AOV (Smoke Ventilation) system.

A C-Tec ZFP addressable fire alarm was installed alongside C-Tec’s HushPro domestic system. This has enabled every flat to have it’s own standalone fire alarm that is linked to the main communal system enabling staff on-site to be alerted should a fire break out in a flat. With over 300 devices on the communal system, the building is covered in every area.

C-Tec’s SigTel disabled refuge system, hearing loops and accessible WC alarms have also been installed.

Images courtesy of Norfolk County Council’s website

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